Thursday, 7 June 2012


I called an old friend recently, a budding entrepreneur. It is after 5 long years that we connected and very simply put, were excited! We have known each other since the days of our schooling, have been great friends since then and most importantly, have still managed to be a part of each others lives.

Initially, our conversation revolved around work, clients, business deals, stocks and the like. It slowly started drifting towards the journey we have been through, the turns our lives have taken and the experiences we’ve missed to share. We spoke about school, the curriculum that terrorized us, the crushes we had in college, the people we met, our successes and failures. About how back then, there was time for everything, for everyone, how we never feared expressing our thoughts, never feared consequences, never feared life….. In short, we discussed about the transitions that have happened, the ones that make us what we are today.

We have both been successful in our domains and have led the lives we’ve wanted. Time has fleeted past and so deceptively that I would deny admitting any changes that may have indeed happened. But the fact is, my coffee is now black and my tea has turned green. Are all these transitions self willed is what I wonder. I’m glad nonetheless that old friends, never change.


  1. For the question u 've asked, "are all these transitions SELF-WILLED?"....hmmmmm....I think, in this world, controlled by God, or by mother Nature(if u dont believe in god :)), we are so much not in control of ourselves..i have always heard my teachers saying things like, Albert Einstein used only on 7% of his brain, or whatever that figure is, am sure its not greater than 10 or if people like Einstein only used 7% of his brain, how anything close to possibility it is, to get any closer controlling our lives....we still r very much a part of mother nature, and that part of us is controlled by her....we have to move abiding to the rules and regulations the nature has made..u may give ur everything towards giving ur life a direction and focus u want to.....but at the end of the day, your life is a reflection of what u were born with, some genuine stuffs u had come out to get to the core of the topic, such transitions of life cannot be self is something that happens in the background, something abstract, a long process, and comes to notice after a long run....hope it made u can see i was simply inking my thoughts :)

  2. Hmmm...a trip down the 'memory' lane...
    which makes us smile, despite any Pain...! :)

    As a song goes---"Savi^2 nenapu...!" :)