Monday, 4 April 2011

Crazy Mind -|- Crazy Designs

One of the best phases of my life were the days of childhood where there were more meaningful and tangible elements of joy like pencil shavings, crayons, color pens, clay and paint. There was a feeling of ecstasy in every little piece of drawing done or models made and considering them to be the best under the class of creation done by mankind. These ranged from drawing eggs with hands to fishes flying in the air ;) .  I still make a few drawings or paintings (very crude though), keeping that little portion of my childhood alive in me.. All of these have been done using MS-Paint, simply because great creations don't really require great software! 

"De belles fleurs"


"Did you say - 3D ??"

Thoughts appear, sometimes in a daze...
Images clear, sometimes in haze...
You are all in wonder, if you are caught in a maze......

"Mirror Mirror on the wall"

One of my friends Raghu, has been kind enough to include this image in his post. Thanks for that R!