Monday, 11 June 2012


“Just fruits, Are you crazy?” is what I was asked by most of my colleagues at workplace who were horrified looking at my strange diet plans. Some days were just melons, some cucumber and some were filled with juice. Nuts is what they thought I was….one plan had just nuts too. Together with all of this was the gym, to get me into some shape that did not resemble a sphere - and to add on, a trainer who would plan such vigorous workouts that I could pretty much qualify for the national games in a week! Right into office post the gym, I would feel completely drained out of energy, not having just enough to get up and empty my bladder!

I was tired of it- literally, physically. The world seemed dizzy, I lost a whopping 10 kilos in 2 weeks and was bed ridden for a week thereafter. Towards the end of this torture which went on for a month, a few wise decisions were taken
-         Eat, eat to your heart’s errr no -- belly’s content.
-         Hit the gym, well -- just hard enough.
-         Yes you can eat junk, of course you can, I’m not sure about how much of it you can digest though..

I have been gymming for over 3 years now and frankly, its addictive. If you are trying to get fit and haven’t started enjoying what it takes yet, then you aren’t doing it right.


  1. well....but....u r still a fatso.........hi hi ha ha......i think u r Prasidhya only if u r so..he he ;D

  2. A lively use of words & imagery...!
    Me esp., liked the metaphors of days with different fruits...! :)

    --Gym-Carry :)